Thursday, January 1, 2009

Counting Book Workshop

I am really proud of this book. I think it turned out great! I decided to put James name on the cover and title it "My Counting book". You can put "baby's first counting book" or any other title you would like. This book is made with the CTMH My Creations display album. Turn it sideways and it makes a great book.
Each page is placed in a protective sheet inside the book. In order to take the pictures with out glare, I took each page out of the book.
1 FLower all in bloom

2 panes that go "Zoom" 3 Cars, what colors do you see?

4 Leaves fall from the tree 5 Monkeys come out to play

6 Turtles on their way 7 Buttons feel with your hand

8 Seashells simmer in the sand 9 fishes swim in the sea

10 People who LOVE me!

James loves this book. With the protective sheets he can feel the buttons, eyes from the turtle, and touch the pictures of his family with out leaving greasy finger prints!
This would make a great personilized gift for anyone you know - grandkids, babyshowers, nephews and nieces.
Registration starts today January 1st! 2009 and ends Feb 15th. Email me through my official CTMH website for more info! Cost $25
Happy New Year!

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