Thursday, July 31, 2008


As most of you know, I am in Florida at the CTMH Consultant convention. I was going to wait until I got home to share my experiance - but it is just to exciting! I want to share it with you now! Today we learned about many of the new products coming out in the Fall/Winter idea book. Would you like me to tell you? Ok, you twisted my arm. Here is a list.

* - pretty cool
** - YEAH! Love it!
*** - Oh my gosh I am so excited!
***To stay current with the newest trends in fabric, decor, and paper - CTMH has introduced 4 new colors! And they are cute!
- juniper ( it's a green) , sorbe ( soft orange!), Tulip (orangish dusty rose), and creme Brulle (really soft yellow)
**Along with the new colors came some very cute new papers.
- the B&T now have patterns on BOTH SIDES of the paper! You know how even more choices when making your page layouts and cards!
*My pages talk voice recorder - record a message for grandma, or babys first words and make it part of your page - for you to play over and over!
*Memory keepsake box - high quality keepsake box for you to decorate and keep your valuable memories for years!
** Really cute Rub-ons! Chocolate, white daisy and black!
*** Ink stamp pad and marker organzier - made for at home or on the go!
** couple of price saving new options:
-level 1 no longer offers the base page protectores and are $1 less - (every bit helps!)
- level 2 stickers now only have 2 sheets. This way you don't have double stickers if you buy the level 1 and level 2. And the surper cute Level 2 stickers now cost $4.95!
-Newest ribbon round have 4 designs (instead of 5) but each ribbon round has more ribbon. 6 feet of each design (instead of 4 feet of each design). They cost $7.95 and are really cute too!! Colors like chocolate, sweet leaf and colonial white
*** you can now order ribbon in bulk too!! 20 yards for $6.95 of your favorite ribbon!
***Brads in colors - match the different season collections - like Summer Carnival.
*** for new mini melody collections!
Of course many new cute stamp sets - come to next months gatherings to get a sneak peak!
Thats my teaser! I am going to go off and have some more fun!

Friday, July 25, 2008

How much can you do with a Level 1?

I was showing a Level 1 pack to a new customer, when she replied "It doesn't come with as much as the Level 2." It may not seem like a lot of paper - but it CAN DO ALOT! It's as if someone took a Level 2 and cut it up and prepared it for you to add your pictures too.
My sister Nicki purchased the "Blue Ribbon" Level 1 and look at what she did with it!
She made a two page layout for Kaylee's book...
Then made a two page layout for Madison's book...

Then she made these 5 cute birthday cards....
And she still had paper left over to decorate this cute pop up album (which by the way, will be one of the items you can make at my Christmas workshop)
Each Level 1 paper comes with 4 pre-printed pages, 2 card stock sheets, 2 b&t sheets, 2 my stickies sticker sheets, and 2 page protector. The only thing less you get - is the time it takes to make great pages!

Summer beach pages

Another thing I love about CTMH stamp sets is making my own paper designs. I wanted beach papers that matched James outfit and the blue in the swing. I could have spent many many hours shopping around for beach paper with those exact colors - or instead order the cardstock colors i wanted and make my own pages with the stamp sets "Daydream" and "footprints". I also used the Imagine book for the layouts.

I imbossed gold glitter on the tiny sea shells. Then I cut them out and added them to the page.

On the next two pages I used the embossing pen to emboss parts of the seashells i had stamped on the bamboo paper. This added just enough sparkle...

Stamp technique class

During the hostess club party in July, I was excited to teach "coloring in" techniques. Each person got a prestamped black and white page to color. Then we used a few of my favorite techniques, including, the water color pencils and the blending pen.

This page was colored by Jenny. Didn't she do a great job!

Jenny liked the water color pencils and brush so much, she created little characters to go on the card we made. Isn't that cute?!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

20 for $20 card workshop

The 20 for $20 card workshop is now FULL!

Contact me by Monday 5pm to order a to go pack.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Stamp set storage

I found these at the dollar tree. I am probably going back today to get some more! They fit the CTMH stamps really well. However - they won't be able to stack if you have the stamp sets standing straight up. But if you don't fill the box completely and let the stamp sets go back a little they work great. I still love my CTMH box with the handle for when I am traveling with my stamps - but these are great storage for stamps you don't take with that much (like seasonal). I also like to keep the one on top to put in the stamp sets that I am currently using - so I have a place to put them, but don't have find them in the other boxes. For only $1 who can resists?

Saturday, July 5, 2008

July Stamp of the month

The July Stamp of the Month is the much anticipated "Life's a Jungle" set. I have already used this set to make a birthday card and baby shower card. You can see the complete set by going to my CTMH website and clicking on the Stamp of The Month (on the right under contact me). Here are some of the cards i have made with this surper cute set!

Gathering projects for July

At the July gatherings we will be making page 2 to the layout we started in May. If you missed May you can still come to make this cute page. If you want the May page you can purchase the pieces for that as well

This is what your two page layout will look like when complete:

We will also learn how to use the blending pen for cute stamping techniques like this one in the card we will be making as well. We will also learn how to use the water color pencils and water pen.

If you like what you see here be sure to come to the July gathering on the 19th or host your own party this month!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

20 for 20 Card worskhop

These are the 20 cards that we will be making at my 20 for $20 card workshop on August 9th.

Can't make it? You can host this workshop in your home for your family and friends. Or you can purchase a Workshop To Go pack. Registration and orders for To Go Packs must be in by July 21st! Constact me for more details - click on my website link to leave me an email!
For $20 you will receive:
*20 craft cards *20 envelopes*20 brads *20 tags *20 clear buttons *10 white flowers *10 pink flowers *3 paper sheets
For the To GO packs - your tags will be prestamped!