Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Amore Level 1 Valentine cards

I made 24 Valentine cards using Amore Level 1.

To make cards from level 1's, cut the pre-printed pages in the size that you want for the front of your cards. In this case I am using the blank cards I purchased from Micheals. So I cut each page into 4 1/2"x 5" squares.

Then add ribbon, stickers, and stamping to make your cards quick and easy! Remember you have 2 B&T sheets and 2 card stock sheets to use as well. Here are the cards I made. I set the cards up so you could see which part of the page they came from. If you would like complete instructions for this YOYO workshop email me!

each section:

A, B

C, D


This heart card came from section E. I added the ribbon, Chocolate C.S. square, B&T square with stamped heart, and the tag sticker and tag button.

Section B: Large heart

I added the stripe B&T, the heart sticker, and 3 brads. No stamping! So easy!

Section A: True Love

I added the ribbon and the true love sticker.

Section F:Simple heart

I added a strip of the chocolate B&T weave on the top, the striped B&T on the side, the ribbon, not on ribbon, and last the heart sticker.

Section D: You and Me

I added the lace sticker, then the you and me sticker

Section B: heart stitched

I added the ribbon and the heart sticker.

That's it!

Page 2

A, B

C, D

E, F

Section E: simple circle

This pattern can be found in the Originals card book

I added the striped B&T, the Blush C.S., small blush B&T weave square, the ribbon, tied the knot around the ribbon, and then the circle sticker.

Section C: Love you

This pattern was inspired by a pattern from the Originals Card book.

I added the Blush C.S., the Chocolate C.S., two triangle stickers, and stamped LoveYou.

Section A: XO

This pattern can be found in the Originals Card book.

I added the Chocolate CS, the Blush B&T weave, the label sticker (stamped with swirl design), the X and O stickers.

Section F: Bow 1

I added the bow (glued w/glue dot) and stamped the heart.

Section D: Bow 2

I added the bow and the stamped heart.

**I stamped with Cocoa when I should have used Chocolate! Opps!

Section B: Bow 3

I added the bow and the L O V E stickers

Page 3

A, B

C, D

E, F

Section E: Butterfly

Ok I cheated! I used a SOTM that won't be available until March! But I couldn't resist!

I added the lace sticker, circle sticker, and the butterfly stamped image.

Section C: Sweet

I added the ribbon, tied the bow around the ribbon, stamped swirls and heart, then added the S W E E T stickers

Section F: 4 U

This pattern was inspired by a pattern from the Originals card book

I added the stripped B&T (tearing bottom first), then the blush CS (sanded then stamped), then folded the ribbon and glued with glue dotes, then added the 4 and U sticker.

Section D: simple buttons

I added the lace sticker and the button stickers.

Tip* to make your sticker buttons look more like real buttons cover them with a little Liquid Glass (let dry before touching!)

Section B: Always

I added the striped B&T, the ribbon, the two tag stickers, then the brad.

Page 4

A, B

C, D

E, F

Section A: Hug

I added the lace sticker, the ribbon and the H U G stickers.

Section E: Heart window

I added the Blush CS square, the Blush weave B&T square (with stamped heart image) and the 3 brads.

Section C: hanging tag

I added the striped B&T (tearing bottom first) the ribbon, tied a bow around the ribbon, then the Blush CS (sanding first then stamped swirl)

Section E: B F (best friends)

I added a the Cholcolate CS, Blush weave B&T over chocolate CS, the lace sticker, B and F sticker, then stamped the butterfly.

Section D: LOVE
I added the stripes (two of them, torn at the bottom), the bow, and then stamped LOVE.

Section B: 4 u (#2)

I added the Chocolate CS, then the scrap strip that was left over from cutting page 1, then the 4 and U stickers, stamped the swirls, then the two small circle stickers

I was originally going to just use stickers, but I am such a stamp 'a 'holic I couldn't resists. If you do decide to only use stickers, I recommend purchasing the Level 2 stickers as well to give you more options. I love to use 3-d tape or square foams with the stickers. It gives it a slightly nicer look.

You can make these cute cards using any cute heart or valentine stamps. I used the coordinating colors for ink: Chocolate, Blush, and Tulip.

Try making other cards with your Level 1's! I know you can do it1

Journal Challenge: Your story!

I have noticed that for the most part, we only focus on scrapbooking the events that are deemed important. We focus on our children’s lives, not our own. We only put in the good times, and keep out the bad times.

You can make your scrapbooking album more than photo’s placed chronological order (which is important), but you can make your albums a lasting legacy of who you are: your beliefs, your life, your loves, your strengths, your weaknesses, trials that made you stronger, your hopes, disappointments, and more. Generations to come will know more about you and the time you lived in. They will learn lessons from you and share trials.

My journal challenge is for you to start your own scrapbook album (or journal) strictly about YOU! Each month I will post a new question for you to answer about your life. Some will be thought provoking, others will be fun and interesting. If you aren’t able to scrap it, then write it down in a journal. At the end of the year, I will have a gathering where those who made scrap pages from the questions can (if they want to) share their albums. It can be a 6”x6”, 9”x9”, 12”x 12” – doesn’t matter, whatever you want. The only rule is to please use CTMH paper and products for the majority of your entry pages. I will pick my favorite 5 entries, and then you will all vote on your favorite from those 5. The winner will get a special surprise (worth at least $30 ~ I haven’t figured out how special just yet!) 1 page ( or a two page layout) once a month ~ you can do it!

Questions #1 – Whether you have children now, or will (maybe) someday in the future, please answer this question:
If your children could only know one thing about you, what would want it to be?
(Besides knowing that you love them)
Share your answer on the bullentin board in Community on my ctmh web site
email me for your password and log in

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Counting Book Workshop

I am really proud of this book. I think it turned out great! I decided to put James name on the cover and title it "My Counting book". You can put "baby's first counting book" or any other title you would like. This book is made with the CTMH My Creations display album. Turn it sideways and it makes a great book.
Each page is placed in a protective sheet inside the book. In order to take the pictures with out glare, I took each page out of the book.
1 FLower all in bloom

2 panes that go "Zoom" 3 Cars, what colors do you see?

4 Leaves fall from the tree 5 Monkeys come out to play

6 Turtles on their way 7 Buttons feel with your hand

8 Seashells simmer in the sand 9 fishes swim in the sea

10 People who LOVE me!

James loves this book. With the protective sheets he can feel the buttons, eyes from the turtle, and touch the pictures of his family with out leaving greasy finger prints!
This would make a great personilized gift for anyone you know - grandkids, babyshowers, nephews and nieces.
Registration starts today January 1st! 2009 and ends Feb 15th. Email me through my official CTMH website for more info! Cost $25
Happy New Year!