Wednesday, June 10, 2009

(All page numbers and pricing refer to the Summer 2009 Idea Book)

When you are looking at examples from the Idea book or other work, the first thing we all do is think "wow, that is alot of embellishments, i don't have time for that." Instead, break it down by looking at the sample and asking yourself "What did they do with _____"

In todays lesson, when you see my samples, i want you to look at them and ask yourself - "what did she do with the brads?"

When you do your own work, start with the brads. Ask yourself "What can I do with brads?". Then if you still draw a blank refer to the following list.
I first want to bring up what I believe to be the easiest embellishment.
Easiest: Matching stickease
*Each pack of CTMH paper has matching stickease available for purchase. Stick them anywhere on your coordinating pages or cards for a quick and easy embellishment.
* Add 3-D foam tape (pg99) to make your stickease “pop” out, or to layer your stickease.
* Add any embellishment to your stickease. I.E. use brads on the tag stickease.
2nd Easiest: Brads

CTMH brads (p94-95):
· Bitty brads (3mm): assorted basic colors, $5.95
· Brads (4mm): several assortments, $4.95
· Bigger Brads (8mm): several assortments, $12.95
· Pewter Designer Brads, $3.95
· Mini medley accents: different collections come with different types of brads, including the corduroy brads, square brads, and flower brads.

Tip: Over whelmed by all the options? Start out with only the metallic brads; antique copper, gold, pewter, and/or silver. The metallic brads will match everything!
How to put a brad on your art work:
1) Poke a hole through your paper with the piercing tool.
2) Push the “legs” of the brad through the hole.
3) On the other side bend open the “legs”.

How to lay down your brads evenly:
· Use a ruler ~ I recommend the clear quilters ruler. Line up the ruler as desired and mark with a pencil.
· Stiff mesh grid (found in craft stores in the yarn section) ~ lay across paper and use the “squares” to mark with a pencil where you want to put your brads. I.e. – mark every third square.
· Placement guide stamp set (c1303) and similar stamp sets. Stamp with a light ink color, such as bamboo, then poke the holes where the dots are.
Tip: if you want to do every other circle, use a marker to mark the dots you want to use as guides, then stamp it onto paper.
Part A) Brads
1) Corners –
a) Place a brad in each corner of a frame/photo/journaling/decorative paper ect…This is an easy way to add brads to your page and it always looks good!
Tip: I LOVE to use the bitty brads for tiny corners (especially on cards).
(pg 58,67.69,87)

Layout samples:

Bitty brads

Regular size brads:

card samples:
i love to use bitty brads on cards

Bigger brads;

regular brads:

Bitty brads

b) Fold the corner of the frame/ or other decorative paper and hold down with a brad.

card sample:

2) Along the side/bottom/top
~ Place the brads in a row along the side or next to the side of the page/photo/quotes/journaling/individual letters/titles/… Use any amount.
Pg 22, 23, 30, 33, 41

card samples:

3) Several brads in a row on top of a strip of cardstock/sticker/ribbon. Pg 17, 45, 69. Or on a letter. pg 68

card sample:

4) Along scallop, either on the bump or in between – page 23, 29, 64, 81,
(see Idea book pages listed for samples)
5) Hold individual words (dates, names, broken up quotes). Cover page, pg 61

6) In corners or along the corners in groups of 3 ( pg 46). You can do this in the corner of the photo’s as well.

7) Circles ~ using the Placement guide stamp set or similar stamps. Pg 31,44, Circle around circles, pg78. Change the size of the brads around the circle (page 49 – clear sparkles around butterfly.)

8) Sprinkled or random along page/card. Pg 30. (see idea book page listed for sample)
9) Use brads to dot the i’s and j’s in title/names/or journaling.
Part B) Brads with other embellishments

1) Ribbon –
a) Holding down the ribbon on each end or along the ribbon to decorate it.
Pg 59

b) Use brads to hold down the “legs” of a bow or knot.

2) Sassy strands –

a. If you have four brads on the corners, wrap the strand around the brad and string it along to the next brad and wrap again. Continue until the sassy strand frames the square.

b. Hanging on wall look – use the brads like the “nail” and the sassy strands hang from the nail to the corner of the frame.

c. Wrap sassy strands along brads that are holding down the sides of a title/quote/ect…(pg 60)

3) Stickease – decorate the stickease with the brads (pg 17). Put a brad in the center of the stickease (cover). Scattered in between stickease (pg 29).
4) Paper flowers/felt cuts – put a brad in the center of a flower (pg 64, 71). Large flower use a bigger brad, tiny flower, use bitty brads. Use brads to hold down the petals.

5) Sparkles and rub-ons. Place a sparkle on the brad. Decorate bigger brads with rub-ons (pg 83)
Part C) Brads with stamping
1) Place brads in the center of flowers (pg 72, 84), center of stars (65), and other shapes.
2) Dots – If a stamp has dots as part of the design, use the dots as guides for a few brads.
3) Put a few brads next to an image to highlight it. Pg 64 rolling pin.
4) Stamped scallop images (81)
5) Decorate characters or images ( 70 cake, 57 tree w/blue brads)

Tip: Use these same ideas with sparkles!