Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Amore Level 1 Valentine cards

I made 24 Valentine cards using Amore Level 1.

To make cards from level 1's, cut the pre-printed pages in the size that you want for the front of your cards. In this case I am using the blank cards I purchased from Micheals. So I cut each page into 4 1/2"x 5" squares.

Then add ribbon, stickers, and stamping to make your cards quick and easy! Remember you have 2 B&T sheets and 2 card stock sheets to use as well. Here are the cards I made. I set the cards up so you could see which part of the page they came from. If you would like complete instructions for this YOYO workshop email me!

each section:

A, B

C, D


This heart card came from section E. I added the ribbon, Chocolate C.S. square, B&T square with stamped heart, and the tag sticker and tag button.

Section B: Large heart

I added the stripe B&T, the heart sticker, and 3 brads. No stamping! So easy!

Section A: True Love

I added the ribbon and the true love sticker.

Section F:Simple heart

I added a strip of the chocolate B&T weave on the top, the striped B&T on the side, the ribbon, not on ribbon, and last the heart sticker.

Section D: You and Me

I added the lace sticker, then the you and me sticker

Section B: heart stitched

I added the ribbon and the heart sticker.

That's it!

Page 2

A, B

C, D

E, F

Section E: simple circle

This pattern can be found in the Originals card book

I added the striped B&T, the Blush C.S., small blush B&T weave square, the ribbon, tied the knot around the ribbon, and then the circle sticker.

Section C: Love you

This pattern was inspired by a pattern from the Originals Card book.

I added the Blush C.S., the Chocolate C.S., two triangle stickers, and stamped LoveYou.

Section A: XO

This pattern can be found in the Originals Card book.

I added the Chocolate CS, the Blush B&T weave, the label sticker (stamped with swirl design), the X and O stickers.

Section F: Bow 1

I added the bow (glued w/glue dot) and stamped the heart.

Section D: Bow 2

I added the bow and the stamped heart.

**I stamped with Cocoa when I should have used Chocolate! Opps!

Section B: Bow 3

I added the bow and the L O V E stickers

Page 3

A, B

C, D

E, F

Section E: Butterfly

Ok I cheated! I used a SOTM that won't be available until March! But I couldn't resist!

I added the lace sticker, circle sticker, and the butterfly stamped image.

Section C: Sweet

I added the ribbon, tied the bow around the ribbon, stamped swirls and heart, then added the S W E E T stickers

Section F: 4 U

This pattern was inspired by a pattern from the Originals card book

I added the stripped B&T (tearing bottom first), then the blush CS (sanded then stamped), then folded the ribbon and glued with glue dotes, then added the 4 and U sticker.

Section D: simple buttons

I added the lace sticker and the button stickers.

Tip* to make your sticker buttons look more like real buttons cover them with a little Liquid Glass (let dry before touching!)

Section B: Always

I added the striped B&T, the ribbon, the two tag stickers, then the brad.

Page 4

A, B

C, D

E, F

Section A: Hug

I added the lace sticker, the ribbon and the H U G stickers.

Section E: Heart window

I added the Blush CS square, the Blush weave B&T square (with stamped heart image) and the 3 brads.

Section C: hanging tag

I added the striped B&T (tearing bottom first) the ribbon, tied a bow around the ribbon, then the Blush CS (sanding first then stamped swirl)

Section E: B F (best friends)

I added a the Cholcolate CS, Blush weave B&T over chocolate CS, the lace sticker, B and F sticker, then stamped the butterfly.

Section D: LOVE
I added the stripes (two of them, torn at the bottom), the bow, and then stamped LOVE.

Section B: 4 u (#2)

I added the Chocolate CS, then the scrap strip that was left over from cutting page 1, then the 4 and U stickers, stamped the swirls, then the two small circle stickers

I was originally going to just use stickers, but I am such a stamp 'a 'holic I couldn't resists. If you do decide to only use stickers, I recommend purchasing the Level 2 stickers as well to give you more options. I love to use 3-d tape or square foams with the stickers. It gives it a slightly nicer look.

You can make these cute cards using any cute heart or valentine stamps. I used the coordinating colors for ink: Chocolate, Blush, and Tulip.

Try making other cards with your Level 1's! I know you can do it1

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