Friday, July 25, 2008

How much can you do with a Level 1?

I was showing a Level 1 pack to a new customer, when she replied "It doesn't come with as much as the Level 2." It may not seem like a lot of paper - but it CAN DO ALOT! It's as if someone took a Level 2 and cut it up and prepared it for you to add your pictures too.
My sister Nicki purchased the "Blue Ribbon" Level 1 and look at what she did with it!
She made a two page layout for Kaylee's book...
Then made a two page layout for Madison's book...

Then she made these 5 cute birthday cards....
And she still had paper left over to decorate this cute pop up album (which by the way, will be one of the items you can make at my Christmas workshop)
Each Level 1 paper comes with 4 pre-printed pages, 2 card stock sheets, 2 b&t sheets, 2 my stickies sticker sheets, and 2 page protector. The only thing less you get - is the time it takes to make great pages!

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