Sunday, August 10, 2008

Card Swap!

Do you love home made cards as much as I do? Share you creativity and ideas with others. Here is how a card swap works. You make 5 of one type of card. Then you give it to me. I will gather other cards from other swappers. Then I will give you back one of each swapped card.
It's so easy and fun! You just come up with 1 design and end up with 5 unique cards. This is a fun way to save time and get ideas from other H.M. card lovers like you! Don't worry - it doesn't have to be any thing grand or surper fancy. Most of us are beginners - any style will do. All I ask is that you use CTMH stamps. The first set is due by the end of September - you have plenty of time! Just contact me and let me know you want in on the fun.


Anonymous said...

What an awesome idea, I am totally in. I will get you five cards as soon as I have them made!

jennifer said...

wow awesome pleasego check out my blog at